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The Flushing Township Police Department is located at 6524 N. Seymour Road, on the corner of Stanley Road and Seymour Road. Click here to get Google driving directions

Traffic fines are collected at the 67th District Court located at 1415 Flushing Road, Flushing, MI, 48433.  The Honorable Judge David J. Goggins and Magistrate Amy Clolinger preside.  The Court’s phone number is 810-659-5659.

When market value changes, naturally so does assessed value. For instance, if you were to add a garage to your home, the assessed value would increase. However, should your property be damaged by a fire, the assessed value would be decreased. The assessor has not created the value; she simply has the legal responsibility to discover it as it exists and appraise your property accordingly, since people make value by their transactions in the market place.

In an effort to make it easy to understand, this is a limited example in regards to how property tax bills are calculated. Basically, there are two types of property taxes levied in Michigan: Homestead and Non-Homestead. The difference is that Homestead properties are exempt from paying some of the school millage.

Taxable Value / 1,000 x Number of Mills + 1% = Taxes

The Taxable Value, divided by 1,000, times the millage rate, plus 1% administration fee, equals the taxes due. One mill = $1.00 per thousand dollars of value.

Please remember that the Assessor does not compute or collect property taxes. This example provides a brief overview of the process and for a more detailed explanation, you should contact the Township Treasurer.

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