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Polls open at 7:00am and close at 8:00pm.

Precinct 1 and 5 – North Flushing Baptist Church, 7500 Mt. Morris Road, Flushing, Michigan (located on Mt. Morris Road between Johnson Road and Morrish Road).  Parking is available in front of the Church.  Proceed through the double doors located at the front East side of the church by following the signs to either Precinct 1 or Precinct 5.

Precinct 2 – Flushing Township Hall, 6524 N. Seymour Road, Flushing, Michigan (located on Seymour Road at the South East corner of Stanley Road).  Parking is available on the South side of the building.  Enter the building through the double doors and proceed to the first door on the right (Board Room) where Precinct 2 is located.

Precinct 3 – Flushing Church of the Nazarene, 9500 Pierson Road, Flushing, Michigan (located on Pierson Road west of Seymour Road near Ambleside Drive).  Parking is available on the East side of the Church.  From the parking lot, enter the double doors into the lobby of the Church. Once inside the Church, follow the signs directing you to Precinct 3.

Precinct 4 – First Baptist Church of Flushing, 5105 N. McKinley Road, Flushing, Michigan (located on McKinley Road North of Carpenter Road).  Parking is available on the West side of the Church.  From the parking lot, enter the Church through the double doors located at the Southwest corner of the Church.  Once inside the Church lobby, follow the signs directing you to either Precinct 4.

Precinct Signs will be posted at all Polling Locations; each polling location is handicap accessible.  If you should have any questions, please contact the Township Clerk at 659-0800.

ABSENT VOTER (AV) BALLOTS ARE AVAILABLE BY MAIL for election purposes only.  You may request an AV Application by phone or in writing but it is recommended that you call ahead if you plan to pick up your Absentee Voter Ballot packet.  You may vote at the Township Office or you may take your ballot with you and return it by Election Day.  You may only pick up the ballot that is issued to you.  Read more about Absent Voter Ballots by clicking here.